With a multicultural background, Simon provides design services across multiple disciplines and is based in London.

Combining many of his passions, design allows him to explore the dialogue and co-existence between product, space and person. He gains personal satisfaction from each step of the creative process. Whilst he predominantly works in the lighting and furniture design industry, he is passionate about all aspects of design.

A big part of him strives for the challenge of turning concepts into beautifully manufactured pieces. His goal is to do justice to the materials and show the synergy between inspiration and function.

In his mind, product design is a tool used to provide practical and functional solutions to problems but it is also a way of thinking to approach the unknown. Used to its full potential, design can also resolve small to large issues present in today’s society.

Overall, he strives to create designs that are aesthetically pleasing whilst comfortable and useful, solving a problem, improving the experience or enhancing a space.